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So, you feel like to go on a trip to a few place that offers you not only the run-of-the-mill water activities, sightseeing opportunities, fantastic cities, however too a tryst by means of a few exotic animals, snow-capped mountains, rainforests, and maybe even a desert? In this case, Australia would be the just right destination for you. This country in the Southern hemisphere has something for everyone. Nature lover, sportsperson, and outdoor person, no matter who you are or what interests you the mainly, you’ll be at home here.

This country has six states–Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, and latest South Wales. Also, it has two major territories and a few minor territories. A number of these smaller territories are not even inhabited! More than ninety percent of the country’s population is of British or Irish ethnicity. The Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders comprise the indigenous population. Australia is mostly desert by means of just the south-east and south-west having temperate climate. Snow falls in the mountains of Tasmania, New South Wales and extra states.

Australia’s flora and fauna is somewhat that is unique to this continent. but, due to the indiscriminate use of the forests for cultivation land and industries, some of the species have become extinct. Protected areas in all state are working hard to recreate the ecosystem. Animals and birds such as kangaroos, dingoes, koala bears, emus, and kookaburras have come to symbolize Australia. The variety that the country offers is one of a kind.

This sports crazy nation has a national cricket team and a rugby team in addition to the scores of athletes who have gone on to develop into international names in their chosen sport. Ian Thorpe, Patrick Rafter, Lleyton Hewitt, Rod Laver are just a few of these greats. Cathy Freeman, the Olympic sprinter is probably one of the most famous Australian sportsperson of aboriginal origin. Then there is the Australian Open and the Australian Grand Prix, additional testimonies to the fact that sports is more than a leisure activity in this country. Surfing is something you must try when you are in this beach country. They have courses for beginners and also for the veterans. Each city and state offers something matchless. You could even take a cruise instead of driving or flying down to the unusual cities. Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart are a few of the popular Australian cities.


James said...

IMO, Sydney is pretty good destinations in Australia where plenty of outstanding places are located especially Harbour Bridge which is one of the Australia's most well known landmarks

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cook said...

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Eunice said...

Australia is one of the famous place in forums and other social networking sites that people recommend to visit. Actually this coming June my friend who are now living there invites me to take a visit there. The post is very helpful for me this will be my guide when I get there.

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bstpLaces2trvel said...

No doubt Sydney is one of the best places in the Australia to visit and is the favourite tourist attraction.
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Shawn Teo said...

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aliah said...

These are some of the best places to visit in Australia. Australia has many popular tourist destinations for travelers.
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